Worldwide High Performance Technical Server QView

A Hyperion Research Special Intelligence Service

Our Worldwide High-Performance Technical Server QView provides you with numerical results on the worldwide sales into the technical computing market. It includes details on the purchases by competitive segments, regions, processor types, and more.

The HPC QView is useful for vendors to better understand the HPC infrastructure as well as future plans for spending on HPC-related hardware and software at HPC end-user sites. It also allows suppliers to create more accurate predictive models of market trends, customer spending and marketing impacts.

Our HPC QView provides you with total market size and vendor shares for the following technology areas and segmentations:

  • HPC servers
  • HPC processors, nodes and cores
  • HPC architectures
  • HPC vendor models
  • HPC hardware related components
  • HPC accelerators and co-processors
  • Five regions
  • Price bands of the system purchased
  • HPC by different OS
  • Worldwide
  • The HPC QView is delivered via a quarterly pivot table