HPC End-User Multi-Client Study 2020

A Hyperion Research Annual Study of HPC End Users

Study Objective

Hyperion Research's High-Performance Computing (HPC) End-User Multi-Client Study 2020 (MCS) is the sixth edition of a comprehensive study that surveys a large number of HPC customer sites worldwide to create a detailed profile of HPC workloads, plans, and spending on HPC hardware, storage, software, AI, cloud, infrastructure, and applications.

This end-user study profiled 1,849 HPC systems at 194 sites worldwide, with a heavier sampling of industrial/commercial sites (57.2% of the sample) to allow confident "drill downs" into specific industry segments. In all categories, sites were carefully chosen to reflect a wide range of users within the global HPC community.

  • HPC end users will be able to track and compare HPC best practices and usage characteristics with other, similar HPC sites. End users will also be able to benchmark their HPC installations against their peers to gauge the effectiveness of their existing technology investments and help plan future investments.
  • HPC OEMs and other vendors will gain a better understanding of why and what HPC users plan to buy as well as the motivations for these investments that will help them to
    better develop and refine investment strategies and technology roadmaps.
  • HPC Cloud Service Providers will be able to track key trends of HPC cloud usage based on demographics of end users.

For more information on specific End-User MCS Study reports and pricing options, please email info@hyperionres.com