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We help IT professionals, business executives, and the investment community make fact-based decisions on technology purchases and business strategy.

At Hyperion Research, our sole objective is to provide services that help IT professionals, business executives, and the investment community make fact-based decisions on HPC technology purchases and business strategy.

Our team of HPC industry experts has been at for more than 20 years, which means you not only get good information, you get insights that only deep experience can deliver.


Traditional and Emerging HPC

Hyperion Research’s Traditional and Emerging HPC service gives you the leading global strategic business planning information on high-performance technical server system environments for the public and private sectors (government, industry, and academia).
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HPC User Forum

HPC User Forum, which is a unique market intelligence service that provides 20-25 original research reports per year and features information-packed user meetings within and outside the U.S. each year.
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Worldwide High Performance Technical Server QView

HPC QView, which is useful for vendors that want to better understand the HPC infrastructure as well as future plans for spending on HPC-related hardware and software at HPC end-user sites. It also allows suppliers to create more accurate predictive models of market trends, customer spending, and marketing impacts.
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Artificial Intelligence-High Performance Data Analysis (AI-HPDA)

High-Performance Data Analysis (HPDA), which analyzes the emerging market for high-performance data analysis (HPDA).
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Cloud Computing Program

Cloud Computing Program

The Hyperion Research Cloud Computing Service tracks and forecasts the worldwide market for the use of public, private and hybrid clouds to run HPC, HPDA, AI, ML and DL workloads, including primary and secondary cloud service providers (CSPs).
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Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing Continuing Information Service

The Hyperion Research Quantum Computing Continuing Information Service (QC-CIS) is a departure from the traditional industry-centric information service model. Quantum computing is in a nascent state and has not yet evolved into a stable array of technologies, markets, applications and use cases on which...
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Consulting Services

Hyperion Research offers custom services associated with multiple facets of High Performance Computing. By working individually with computer vendors, government agencies, academic sites, and industrial users worldwide, we provide unique and thorough market research (e.g., surveys), insights and analyses, leveraging the analyst team's diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise.
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High Performance Computing Pathfinders

Pathfinders Program, which provides HPC centers with broad, comprehensive information, analysis, and recommendations relevant to their missions.
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Small and Emerging

HPC End-User Multi-Client Study 2021

Hyperion Research's High-Performance Computing (HPC) End-User Multi-Client Study 2021 (MCS) is the sixth edition of a comprehensive study that surveys a large number of HPC customer sites worldwide to create a detailed profile of HPC workloads, plans, and spending on HPC hardware, storage, software, AI, cloud, infrastructure, and applications.
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Worldwide HPC Server, Verticals and Countries Forecast Database

The Worldwide HPC Server, Verticals and Countries Forecast Database includes 28 countries, 12 verticals/application areas for each country, sales revenues and processor counts, 5 regions, and the broader HPC market numbers: servers, software, storage, and services. The data includes a ten year history and five year projections....
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Companies We Analyze

The Technical Computing service closely tracks worldwide HPC market spending and revenues, user practices and requirements, as well as companies in the industry, including these and others: