November 25, 2019

AI-driven HPC Industry Continues to Push Growth Projections

Three major forces – AI, cloud and exascale – are combining to raise the HPC industry to heights exceeding expectations. According to market study results ... Read article
September 24, 2019

IBM Opens Quantum Computing Center, Announces 53-Qubit Machine

Gauging progress in quantum computing is a tricky thing. IBM yesterday announced the opening of the IBM Quantum Computing Center in New York... ... Read article
August 25, 2019

Iran says it’s building an AI supercomputer, despite sanctions

In a tweet, Iran said it is building a new supercomputer. Other nations are doing the same because high performance computing platforms lend themselves to AI development. ... Read article
August 25, 2019

Public cloud services grow HPC market, but work remains

HPC applications need a lot of resources, but not all enterprises can meet those requirements. However, new cloud services are emerging to address that gap in the market. ... Read article
August 3, 2019

Why hardware still matters in the era of cloud computing

The University of California at San Diego has adopted a cloud-first strategy that involves retiring three mainframes, shifting as many computing workloads as possible to the cloud and abandoning ... ... Read article
June 24, 2019

U.S. Targets China’s Supercomputing Push With New Export Restrictions

The Commerce Department on Friday took its broadest swipe yet at China’s supercomputing industry, imposing new export restrictions that effectively bar five major ... Read article
June 24, 2019

Supercomputing is latest front in U.S.-China high-tech battle

China’s burgeoning supercomputer industry became the latest target of U.S. trade restrictions as officials banned shipments to four Chinese technology companies ... Read article
June 9, 2019

Quantum Upstart: IonQ Sets Sights on Challenging IBM, Rigetti, Others

Until now most of the buzz around quantum computing has been generated by folks already in the computer business – systems makers, chip makers, and big cloud providers. ... Read article
April 9, 2019

Fortissimo initiative ready to continue the HPC experience for SMEs

The EU-supported Fortissimo project, started in July 2013, aims to make it easier for SMEs to gain affordable access to supercomputer-based simulation and analytics. ... Read article
March 13, 2019

Nvidia acquires Mellanox against growing AI, data competition

Nvidia Corp. is acquiring Israeli interconnect maker Mellanox Technologies Ltd. for $6.9 billion, bringing together two firms that face rapidly accelerating competition for data-intensive ... Read article
March 3, 2019

D-Wave Previews Next-Gen Platform; Debuts Pegasus Topology; Targets 5000 Qubits

Quantum computing pioneer D-Wave Systems today “previewed” plans for its next-gen adiabatic annealing quantum computing platform which will feature a new underlying fab ... Read article
February 21, 2019

Hyperion Research Launches Cloud Application Assessment Tool

As a part of this tool, a scorecard at the end of the survey summarizes the entire assessment, as well as displays the scores of each characteristic of the tested workload. Hyperion Research ... Read article