December 27, 2022

Boston startup can search Shakespeare’s plays in a test tube of DNA

Parting is such sweet sorrow, Shakespeare’s doomed protagonist Juliet tells her lover Romeo. But how many times does the Bard use the word “sorrow” in the play? You can use a computer to search the text and come up with the answer (10). ... Read article
December 26, 2022

Concerns about Trajectory of Classical HPC Helping to Drive Quantum R&D

In the face of tremendous complexities and uncertain progress, quantum computing continues to draw significant investments and R&D efforts from countries and companies around the world. A key reason: an “increasing concern about the trajectory of classical HPC,” according to Bob Sorensen, SVP of research at HPC industry analyst firm Hyperion Research, who delivered a “whirlwind tour” of quantum last week at a HPC User Forum hosted by Hyperion in Washington. ... Read article
December 13, 2022


The HPC industry, after years of discussions and anticipation and some relatively minor delays, is now fully in the era of exascale computing, with the United States earlier this year standing up Frontier, its first such supercomputer, and plans for two more next year. ... Read article
December 13, 2022

Hyperion Research: Increased Commercial Commitment to Quantum on the Way

A new study of commercial early adopters of quantum computing by HPC industry analyst firm Hyperion Research shows that 80 percent of respondents plan to increase their QC commitment in the next two to three years, and reveals the top value drivers for adopting the technology, namely enhanced business process efficiencies and increased revenue. ... Read article
December 13, 2022

Hyperion: QC Market Headed to $1.2B in 2025; Lots of Momentum but also Uncertainty

Hyperion Research delivered its latest outlook for the quantum computing market yesterday at the Q2B22 Conference, estimating revenues for 2022 will finish around $614 million and jump to $1.2 billion in 2025 representing a 25 percent CAGR. ... Read article
December 13, 2022

Orgs working with quantum computing like what they see

A recent survey of enterprise organizations that already are working with quantum computing to some degree found that many of them intend to increase their commitments to the technology, and eventually their budgets as well. ... Read article
December 8, 2022

Hyperion Research Announces Winners of 2022 HPC Innovation Excellence Awards

Hyperion Research, a globally recognized premier industry analyst and market intelligence firm covering high performance computing (HPC), AI, cloud, quantum, and associated emerging markets, today announced the recipients of the 17th round of HPC Innovation Excellence Awards. ... Read article
November 8, 2022

Hyperion Paints a Positive Picture of the HPC Market

Return to normalcy is too strong, but the latest portrait of the HPC market presented by Hyperion Research yesterday is a positive one. Total 2022 HPC revenue (on-premise and cloud) will likely wind up around $38.5 billion, roughly 10% over 2021 ($34.8 billion), and next year, 2023, is forecast to hit in the $42.7 billion range. ... Read article
August 29, 2022

The Quantum Pod: Bob Sorenson and Quantum Computing’s Tie to HPC

The Quantum Pod by Zapata Computing is a deep dive into the world of quantum computing. Focusing on the problems quantum computing can actually solve for […] ... Read article
June 30, 2022

The Mainstreaming of MLPerf? Nvidia Dominates Training v2.0 but Challengers Are Rising

MLCommons’ latest MLPerf Training results (v2.0) issued today are broadly similar to v1.1 released last December. Nvidia still dominates, but less so (no grand sweep of wins). Relative newcomers to the exercise – AI chip/system makers Graphcore and Habana Labs/Intel – along with Google again posted strong showings. ... Read article
May 10, 2022

IBM Unveils Expanded Quantum Roadmap; Talks Up ‘Quantum-Centric Supercomputer’

IBM today issued an extensive and detailed expansion of its Quantum Roadmap that calls for developing a new 1386-qubit processor – Kookaburra – built from modularly scaled chips, and delivering a 4,158-qubit POC system built using three connected Kookaburra processors by 2025. ... Read article
May 10, 2022

Panasas Debuts New Products as It Emphasizes Storage Software in Business Shift

Panasas started off specializing in storage hardware, but more than 20 years on, the company is placing a big bet on its software stack to meet storage needs for high-performance applications. ... Read article