February 24, 2021

Hyperion Research Releases Worldwide Study of HPC Buyers and Users

Hyperion Research today announced that the new, sixth edition of its worldwide study of high performance computing (HPC) buyers and users is now available for purchase. The study details the resources, practices and purchasing intent of a large, representative group of 194 government, academic and industrial HPC data centers in 26 countries that together host nearly 2,000 HPC systems (28% of the centers manage more than 15 systems each). As always, Hyperion Research placed special emphasis on the private sector, to enable drilling down into specific industries. ... Read article
December 11, 2020

At SC20: Hyperion Sees COVID HPC Impact Sharp but Short; HPE in Server Lead; Aurora 12+/- Months Late; Cloud HPC Heating Up

One thing – another thing – regular SC conference attendees have to do without this pandemic year is industry analyst firm Hyperion Research’s annual HPC market update breakfast, always held in a large hotel function room before a well-fed, SRO crowd. Instead, Hyperion delivered its update virtually, and much of the discussion, not surprisingly, revolved around COVID-19’s impact on HPC industry revenue and end-user strategies. ... Read article
December 11, 2020

Hyperion Research: COVID-19 Changing the Global 2020 HPC Market Landscape

Before the COVID-19 pandemic essentially stopped the world in its tracks in March, the global HPC server market was expected to grow from $13.7 billion in 2019 to $14.5 billion in 2020, according to estimates from Hyperion Research. Things since then have certainly changed, with Hyperion’s latest November forecast calling for global HPC server revenue for 2020 of $11.9 billion, a 17.9 percent decline from its earlier estimate, led by the global business shrinkage due to the devastating pandemic. ... Read article
September 22, 2020

IBM, CQC Enable Cloud-based Quantum Random Number Generation

IBM and Cambridge Quantum Computing (CQC) have partnered to achieve progress on one of the major business aspirations for quantum computing – the goal of generating verified, truly random numbers that can be used for a wide range of scientific, research and business tasks. Certified, verified random or nature-based numbers aren’t possible using classical computers, which only generate numbers based on specific patterns. ... Read article
June 23, 2020

Honeywell touts quantum computer speed, but how fast is fast?

Making good on its promise from March, Honeywell formally delivered its first quantum computer and claims it is the fastest system in the world. The Honeywell system has a quantum volume of 64, twice that of any available quantum system, including those from IBM, Rigetti and IonQ. The system targets several markets facing computational problems that can't be solved by classical computers, in particular the financial market. ... Read article
June 23, 2020

‘Rocky Year’ – Hyperion’s HPC Market Update: COVID-19 Hits Q1 Revenues, Cloud HPC Boom, Shift in Server Vendor Standings

Instead of its usual mid-year HPC market update presented at the ISC conference in Frankfurt, industry analyst firm Hyperion Research has virtually released its latest findings – including estimates of COVID-19 ‘s impact on the industry, on growth of HPC in public clouds and a significant shift in the competitive standing among the leading HPC server vendors. ... Read article
May 6, 2020

Commercial Quantum Computing Made Possible

Intels Horse Ridge chip (here on a printed circuit board) reduces the size of quantum computers from that of an oil drum to a rack-mountable size by integrating the bulky copper tubing down to a single CMOS chip that can be situated within the supercooled refrigerator alongside the qubits. ... Read article
April 28, 2020

Hyperion Research Forecasts Widespread Covid-19 Disruption to HPC Market

Today Hyperion Research released its updated analysis of the potential impact areas of the covid-19 pandemic on the HPC market based on recent discussions with HPC system vendors and ... Read article
January 8, 2020

U.S. restricts exports of geospatial AI software

The Trump administration's move to limit export of AI-based geospatial imaging software extends U.S. restrictions on technology that foreign countries could use to develop weapons systems. ... Read article
December 19, 2019

HPC in the Cloud Rolls through an Inflection point

Hyperion Research has declared 2019 as the year that high performance computing in the cloud hit a “tipping point.” Cloud spending for HPC work ... Read article
December 17, 2019

Quantum Bits: Rigetti Debuts New Gates, D-Wave Cuts NEC Deal, AWS Jumps into the Quantum Pool

There’s been flurry of significant news in the quantum computing world. Yesterday, Rigetti introduced a new family of gates that reduces circuit depth ... Read article
November 25, 2019

At SC19: Bespoke Supercomputing for Climate and Weather

Weather and climate applications are some of the most important uses of HPC – a good model can save lives, as well as billions of dollars. ... Read article