February 21, 2019

Hyperion Research Launches Cloud Application Assessment Tool

As a part of this tool, a scorecard at the end of the survey summarizes the entire assessment, as well as displays the scores of each characteristic of the tested workload. Hyperion Research encourages end users, software developers, CSPs, and anyone ... Read article
February 13, 2019

Trump Signs Executive Order Launching U.S. AI Initiative

U.S. President Donald Trump issued an Executive Order (EO) today launching a U.S Artificial Intelligence Initiative. The new initiative – Maintaining American Leadership in Artificial Intelligence ... Read article
January 31, 2019

INTERVIEW: EuroHPC Director Kalbe on Plans to Ramp Up Europe’s HPC Infrastructure

November 6, 2018 marked the first meeting of the governing board of the European High Performance Computing Joint Undertaking (EuroHPC), a legal and funding entity ... Read article
December 8, 2018

Oracle HPC cloud aims at mainstream business data

ERP systems have an enormous amount of data that many firms are just beginning to tap. To answer complex questions with this information ... Read article
November 21, 2018

Does AI require high-end infrastructure?

There’s no shortage of buzz around artificial intelligence applications in the public sector. They’ve been touted as something of a digital panacea that ... Read article
November 15, 2018

UberCloud Wins Hyperion HPC Innovation Excellence Award with Neuromodulation Project

Today Hyperion Researchannounced that the winner of the 2018 Hyperion Award for Innovation Excellence goes to UberCloud and its project ... Read article
November 10, 2018

CEA’s Pick of ThunderX2-based Atos System Boosts Arm

Europe’s bet on Arm took another step forward today with selection of an Atos BullSequana X1310 system by CEA’s (French Alternative Energies ... Read article
October 27, 2018

Three Chinese teams join race to build the world’s fastest supercomputer

TIANJIN, CHINA—In a cavernous room just off the marble floored lobby of China's National Supercomputer Center of Tianjin stand more than 100 ... Read article
September 29, 2018

HPE No. 1, IBM Surges, in ‘Bucking Bronco’ High Performance Server Market

Riding healthy U.S. and global economies, strong demand for AI-capable hardware and other tailwind trends, the high performance computing ... Read article
September 11, 2018

The New Fabrics and Mix-and-Max Systems: The Next Big Thing in Data Center Servers?

If you’ve wondered about the impact of the new fabric efforts undertaken by Gen-Z, OpenCAPI and CCIX – if you’ve wondered what it all means – one ... Read article
September 11, 2018

Hyperion Provides Update to Exascale Efforts in US, China, Japan, and Europe

According to the latest analysis from Hyperion Research, the various global efforts to reach exascale supercomputing are making good ... Read article
August 29, 2018

China Sets Sights on Superconducting Computer

China has embarked on a $145 million (~ ¥1 billion) effort to build a superconducting computer with plans for a prototype to be up and running ... Read article