Hyperion Research AI Advisory Committee


AI Advisory Committee Mission:

  • To support the worldwide AI/HPC community by helping to answer key questions about how AI is evolving.
    • Guiding Hyperion Research AI-related studies by identifying key questions to be explored and topics to be researched.
    • A major portion of these studies will be shared with the broader AI/HPC community.
  • To share ideas, best practices, and areas of concern between Committee members.

 Overview of the AI Advisory Committee:

  • Members are from all areas of the AI ecosystem: users, vendors, CSPs, academic experts, etc.
    • The Committee is worldwide.
    • Members are expected to understand AI technologies, topics, issues, approaches, and/or AI use cases.
    • There is no cost for membership.
  • Members receive the ability to help guide Hyperion Research studies with questions that are important to the Committee members.
    • Members receive the results at least 30 days before the AI/HPC community.
  • Members can participate in different ways and at different levels:
    • Email only.
    • Email and quarterly calls.
    • Calls with subgroups of the Committee.
    • Via surveys on which topics should be explored and studied.
    • Via participation in the AI surveys.
  • The time commitment will be kept to a maximum of a few hours a month.

 Overview of the Research Studies:

  • Hyperion Research will design and conduct the AI study topics as suggested by the Committee.
  • The majority of the results will be shared with the broader AI/HPC community.
  • Questions to be studied can include all parts of the AI workflow, e.g.:
    • Hardware: Analyzing and evaluating the fit of the different processors and GPUs for different computationally intensive AI workloads.
    • Architecture: Pros and cons of different designs: where each approach fits best by application type, job sizes, data types and the trade-offs, and where clouds fit well.
    • Software: Analyzing and evaluating the end user software environment, software infrastructure, applications, tools, foundational models, etc.
    • Emerging Trends: Tracking and evaluating leading edge use cases, new models, new approaches, best practices, etc.
    • End use cases: How AI is used in all parts of the workflow.

If you are interested in joining the Committee and understand AI technologies, topics, issues, approaches, and/or AI use cases, please send your name, title, organization, email and background (including AI-related experience) to Earl Joseph at ejoseph@hyperionres.com